Tweetspeak Poetry: Children’s Book Club: ‘One Grain of Rice’

This one went live today!



Math is my bugaboo. That’s why when a friend suggested One Grain of Rice: A Mathematical Folktale for our next children’s book club, I agreed.

At its most basic level, this is a story about how 1 grain of rice becomes more than 1 billion grains of rice. How? Math. If 1 grain of rice is doubled every day for 30 days, and all those amounts are added together, then you get 1,073,741,823 grains of rice. There’s a chart on the last page of the book that explains the arithmetic.

If someone handed me the chart, I would not care. But give me the math in a story — better yet, a folktale (this one comes from India) — and I’m all in. …



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