Poetry Club, day 15

Obviously, I picked this poem because of the title. And because it says in such eloquent detail how stories like Romeo and Juliet can’t be fully appreciated until we’re old enough to look on our teenage selves with wisdom. But, hey, we probably … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 14

If you've read The Joy of Poetry, you know I have a note in the Acknowledgments apologizing to people who gave me permission to use a poem that for one reason or another I didn't end up using. This is one of those poems. Not only did Marcus give … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 13

This poem is in the public domain, so there’s no financial reason why I didn’t include it in The Joy of Poetry. But I feel its absence. It’s a poem I think my mom would have liked because 1) It’s addressed to the Almighty, and 2) It rhymes. I’m … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 12

Pablo Neruda means a lot to me. If you've read The Joy of Poetry, you know my parents met in Chile, and that my dad met Neruda. I found Neruda's Cien sonetos de amor at a local bishop in Bonners Ferry, Idaho. The day after we returned home was our … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 11

In The Joy of Poetry I often said there is no secret to understanding poetry. Because I delight in contradiction, I give you a poem about the secret meaning of a poem. I love the turn in the poem where she begins to talk about her poetry and what … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 10

I have a chapter in The Joy of Poetry about poems as songs. This was one I got permission for, but it was a little steep. J. Patrick Lewis has been the children's poet laureate, and a lot of his poems convey history. If you don’t know the legend … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 9

I think at some point I gave up on including this one The Joy of Poetry, but it's so good. Every writer should know it. Laura Brown referenced this poem on her blog in a short entry titled “Writer’s Daughter.” I already liked the poem, but her … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 8

I first wrote about this poem in my journal in June 2014 when Laura Brown and I were poetry buddying our way through Kevin Young’s collection Book of Hours. I was really taken with this one and have returned to it over and over. Originally, The … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 7

Some of you who read my earlier post about poem permissions may be wondering what poem cost $1,080? Well, it was Billy Collins' "The Lanyard." (Don't blame Billy.) It's one of my all-time favorite poems, and I've used when speaking about The Joy of … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 6

Spring training is underway. If you're a baseball fan, you don't need me to tell you that fact. I'm not a baseball person, but I know many people who are. It seems no other sport goes so well with poetry as baseball. I had permission to use this … [Read more]