New Year’s Blessing from Captain Jim

I recently finished reading L.M. Montgomery's "Anne's House of Dreams," the fifth in the Anne of Green Gables series. One of the best parts of the book is Captain Jim. Anne, Gilbert, Leslie, Marshall, and Jim are all at the lighthouse, waiting out … [Read more]

Gloom & Joy

One more thought on Christmas before we move onto New Year's and I resume my goodbye posts. The first Christmas without Mom was hard. All the fly-fishing family members from Wyoming came down — something we’d talked about for years but never … [Read more]

Have Yourself a Melancholy Christmas

If you don't recognize Christmas as the season for melancholy, then you're not paying attention. There are two places where we're expected to be of good cheer: ads, which promise to make our days merry and bright (for a fee); and Facebook, which, … [Read more]

Goodbye: front door

Previous goodbyes are here, here, and here. I made a pitch to bring the front door with us, but that would've meant replacing it before we listed the house, and frankly, we had other things to do. When we bought the house, it had a plain brown … [Read more]

Goodbye: front porch

Previous goodbyes here and here. You'll notice a theme in these posts---from the outside in. I remember the day we first saw this house with our realtor, and we walked all around the outside before going in. This front porch is smaller than the … [Read more]

Goodbye: back patio

Continuing my goodbyes to our house, as started here. This house was our rental when we moved to Fredericksburg, and when we realized we couldn't afford anything else, we worked out a price with the owner, who was anxious to divest himself of … [Read more]

Goodbye: maple tree

We are moving ... 2 miles. (I use the numeral 2 instead of the word "two" so there is no misunderstanding.) Same city, same zip. We are staying in town, buying a new-to-us house. This is why there is a For Sale sign in our front yard as of this … [Read more]

Poems (and Books) Grow Up

“My poem off in the world meeting other people and learning about itself.” This quote is from an email I received from Stuart Kestenbaum, whose poem “Prayer for Joy” appears in my book The Joy of Poetry. In the process of asking permission to use … [Read more]


So it's been a month and a bit more since I've been here. I could tell you what I've been doing but the only thing that matters is that I saw Moana. *Spoilers follow* Give Disney credit: They evolve. From Snow White's "Someday My Prince … [Read more]

When tea saved the day

Homecoming. We were sitting in the stands at McLane Stadium, waiting for the sun to pass us by and leave us in the sweet, sweet shade so we could enjoy a Baylor football game without sweating. When all of a sudden, everyone in our section noticed an … [Read more]