Poetry Club, day 5

Here's a short one, a haiku. I wanted to have a chapter in The Joy of Poetry with great poems about creepy, crawly critters. Didn't happen. Sorry, Darlene. Your poem would have been perfect.     hordes of flapping … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 4

Originally, the chapters in The Joy of Poetry covered a calendar year, from New Year's to Christmas, and this was the last poem in the book. The poet, Paul Willis, has a new collection out, Getting to Gardisky Lake. I haven't read it yet, but I plan … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 3

The first day of spring was back on March 20. Imagine that after months of cold and gray, you get a day that finally feels like what the calendar says. Now think of a relationship that’s been stuck in winter for more months than you care to count. … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 2

When I was writing The Joy of Poetry, I tried to address the poetry skeptics, those who hate poetry or at least think they do. Often that's because they don't feel they understand it. So most of the poems I used were pretty straightforward. Except … [Read more]

Poetry Club for National Poetry Month

As we kick off National Poetry Mont (aka April), I want to talk about a woman I met a couple of years ago named Sue Andrews. At the time she volunteered at the Boys & Girls Club in Gatesville, Texas, and started a poetry club there. Sue used … [Read more]

Happy 1st year: Still shy

  Despite what I wrote last week, I don't want to lie --- I'm still shy.  There’s no reason for me to hide my love for poetry. And yet, sometimes I still do. Even after keeping a poetry journal for 13 years, after writing poetry, after … [Read more]

Happy 1st Year: Into the Woods

This is the third in my series of posts counting down the days to April 1, the one-year birthday of  The Joy of Poetry. Before the book came out I did something that probably served me better than any marketing seminar with a catchy title about … [Read more]

Happy 1st Year: poem permissions

This is my second week to count down the days to The Joy of Poetry's first birthday. One thing I haven't mentioned in previous posts -- and frankly, something not enough people have asked me about -- is the process of obtaining poem permissions … [Read more]

Happy 1st Year: Bosom Buddies

April 1 will be the one-year birthday of  The Joy of Poetry. Like the birthday of a person, a book's birthday deserves to be celebrated. So that's what I'll do here for the next month, sharing a few more stories about the story — how it came to be, … [Read more]


Two mornings ago I woke up thinking about scorpions. A friend had written a poem about them -- creatures unfamiliar to her but common here, where I live. And immediately I thought of the handmade scorpions the Mexican artisans create and leave for … [Read more]