Paddington Lives

In 1958, Michael Bond published A Bear Called Paddington. In 1996, I used Bond's bear as the theme for our firstborn son's room. Paddington wasn't exactly a hot item --- he wouldn't get his own movie until 2014. But I knew I had the right bear when I … [Read more]

‘Miss Rumphius,’ story and pictures by Barbara Cooney

My friend Sharon Gibbs recommended this book to me, and L.L. Barkat recommended it to her. I'm always up for a good picture book --- one whose words and pictures work together to tell the story. This one was published in 1982 and won the American … [Read more]

14 June 2017

(I wrote this in the Thursday morning poetry group, which has been meeting for more than 25 years, but which I only attend occasionally. The first line is something the host actually said.)   If the plumber shows up, just keep … [Read more]

‘The Happiness Dare’ by Jennifer Dukes Lee

I'm late to the party that is The Happiness Dare by Jennifer Dukes Lee. It released last summer, but I saved it to kick off this summer. As I read it, I found myself wishing it had come out not one year ago but three or four, when I was profoundly … [Read more]

How Many People Does It Take to Change Three Light Bulbs?

The light bulbs in question comprise the third brake light on my husband’s pickup truck, so normally this is a job he would do. But I had the truck that day so our daughter could take her driving test. Although she’d done most of her practicing in a … [Read more]

The Secret to a Happy Marriage Is Not What I Thought it Was

In July, John and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary. I have sworn that the secret to a happy marriage is separate bathrooms. Really and truly, that's the only advice I've ever shared with newlyweds. But to be frank, for all but our first three … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 20

(Originally, this was the beginning of The Joy of Poetry. It's now the last day of our poetry club.)   On New Year’s Eve, I was feeling down. Okay, that’s a lie. I was in utter despair. I had no desire to celebrate the new year. I didn’t … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 19

For our penultimate meeting of the poetry club, I'm posting not a poem but something about poetry by that oh so wise bear, Winnie-the-Pooh.   “When you are reciting poetry, which is a thing we never do, you find sometimes, just as you are … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 18

Earlier this week my current friend and former editor Dayna Avery sent me to listen to Modern Mrs. Darcy's podcast, What Should I Read Next? The latest episode, "What to read if Google wrecked your brain," is about poetry. She interviews a poet named … [Read more]

Poetry Club, day 17

This one's another haiku. Such a useful format! The author was 13 when she wrote it. Now she's a young woman. If you’ve read or seen or had any exposure to the legend of King Arthur, then you will get this poem. Think of an iconic moment in a … [Read more]