Poetry Club for National Poetry Month

As we kick off National Poetry Mont (aka April), I want to talk about a woman I met a couple of years ago named Sue Andrews. At the time she volunteered at the Boys & Girls Club in Gatesville, Texas, and started a poetry club there. Sue used … [Read more]

Happy 1st year: Still shy

  Despite what I wrote last week, I don't want to lie --- I'm still shy.  There’s no reason for me to hide my love for poetry. And yet, sometimes I still do. Even after keeping a poetry journal for 13 years, after writing poetry, after … [Read more]

Happy 1st Year: Into the Woods

This is the third in my series of posts counting down the days to April 1, the one-year birthday of  The Joy of Poetry. Before the book came out I did something that probably served me better than any marketing seminar with a catchy title about … [Read more]

Happy 1st Year: poem permissions

This is my second week to count down the days to The Joy of Poetry's first birthday. One thing I haven't mentioned in previous posts -- and frankly, something not enough people have asked me about -- is the process of obtaining poem permissions … [Read more]

Happy 1st Year: Bosom Buddies

April 1 will be the one-year birthday of  The Joy of Poetry. Like the birthday of a person, a book's birthday deserves to be celebrated. So that's what I'll do here for the next month, sharing a few more stories about the story — how it came to be, … [Read more]


Two mornings ago I woke up thinking about scorpions. A friend had written a poem about them -- creatures unfamiliar to her but common here, where I live. And immediately I thought of the handmade scorpions the Mexican artisans create and leave for … [Read more]

“Far from a mere plank”

“Far from a mere plank in her husband’s platform, Katharina von Bora was an integral part of the entire foundation.” That’s from Michelle DeRusha’s 50 Women Every Christian Should Know, in which Katharina von Bora was woman number 6. DeRusha has … [Read more]


Our last show on our last night was August Wilson's Jitney. If you saw the movie Fences, that's his too. Wilson wrote 10 plays on the African American experience in the 20th century, one for each decade. Jitney is set in the '70s, and it's the last … [Read more]


I needed saving and a good mistake needed making ---"I Didn't Plan It" That little couplet sums up this heartwarming show called Waitress. If you saw the 2007 movie of the same title, this is it, but with songs, so, better. (In my opinion, … [Read more]


(Notice how Hamilton's playbill is the only cover in color. Printing in color is more expensive, but Hamilton can afford it. A. Ham. would be proud.) The entire reason we went to New York was to see Hamilton. I first listened to the entire cast … [Read more]