A Cup of Hot Cocoa

As I did on the post dated 11/11/09, I am referencing Michael Card’s book “The Parable of Joy: Reflections of the Wisdom of the Book of John.”


Chapter 7, which corresponds to John 7, is about Jesus healing on the Sabbath. Michael Card says, “Jesus pointed out that provision is made in the Law for certain work, namely work that leads to salvation.”


Sometimes salvation work becomes my Sabbath work. On a recent Sabbath, I took my daughter to Starbucks to soothe her weary soul with a cup of hot cocoa. On another Sabbath, I traveled 200 miles to attend a funeral the following day. I believe both those activities were God’s will for me.


The important thing about Sabbath is that it is a day for God’s work. If I could dole out healing, I would. Often, the best I can offer is a cup of hot cocoa, in Jesus’ name.