A Pooh Sabbath

Pooh would like Sabbaths, I think. For him, life was one long Rest in the presence of his Great Friend Christopher Robin. Days of full of doing Nothing, just going along, listening to all the things he couldn’t hear, and not bothering.

Perhaps that’s why Rabbit puzzled him – always Bisy. And Owl, who didn’t have Brain, but who knew things. And Eeyore, who was always gloomy whatever happened. And Kanga who only had mental space to care for Roo.

I used to say that I found the Sabbath, but now I say that Sabbath finds me. I can sit on a quiet rock in the middle of the stream and not immediately jump up again. I’m not very good at getting lost – my hunger draws me back to the pots of honey calling my name. But I know where to get found.

When the sun sets and Sabbath ends, I arise (John 14:31). Since I have very little brain, I don’t understand things any better than I did when Sabbath began. But I do respond to the call of my Great Friend.

Come on!” He calls, laughing and jumping to His feet.

Where?” I say, in my best Pooh voice.

Anywhere,” says my Christopher Robin.