An Orthodontic Sabbath

There is a God!


My son is getting a six-week break from all orthodontia. Not only are the braces off, but also the expander and the dreaded Herbst appliance. Terrorists should seriously consider adding the Herbst to their arsenals of torture.


For the last eight months, eating has been very difficult for my son–sometimes too difficult to bother with. I kept him from losing weight with daily milkshakes. At the end of this break, he will get full braces again, but no more appliances.


My husband and I have debated how much his problems at school this year have been puberty, and how much they stem from being in chronic pain and barely able to eat. Still, he’s turning out to be a pretty great kid.


So, I’m all in favor of this orthdontic sabbath. I might even extend it with a well-timed call to the orthodontist: “I’m so sorry. We won’t be able to make that May appointment. Can we reschedule for June? Or possibly, August?”


A sabbath is a terrible thing to waste.