Another Sick Sabbath

I thought that observing Sabbath would made it easier for me to take a sick day. The operative word is “a.” Today marks Sick Day #3, and although my body is better, my will is not amused. I keep moaning, “I’ve lost three days!” as if it were a tragedy.

Despite my histrionics, I have found that keeping the Sabbath makes me more aware when my body is out of kilter. I am more likely to take a day off with a cold instead of pushing on until it becomes bronchitis or pneumonia. And when I do get sick and it stretches into three days (or 10 when I had the flu), I can actually stay in

Whether I am well or sick, I must die to me. The General Confession from Morning Prayer reads, “And there is no health in us.”

I’m not any spiritually healthier when I’m up and about than when I’m stuck in bed. “But thou, O Lord, have mercy upon us, miserable offenders.”