Recently, I was listening to a podcast from a Christian organization that meant a lot to me in college. This group was getting ready to put on a big conference, and they needed volunteers. They had three requirements for interested applicants:


1) High-energy

2) Optimistic

3) Normal


I sighed and thought to myself, I’d be disqualified. Because I’m not high-energy, except first thing in the morning. I stopped being optimistic a long time ago. And I’m certainly not normal. What kind of normal person Sabbaths?


Unfortunately, the qualifications for working this conference seem to be the qualifications for being a good Christian in America. High energy: give it all you’ve got every single day. Optimistic: always have a positive Bible verse at hand for any difficult situation. Normal: no one who’s depressed or addicted or loves bugs or plays the ukelele need apply.


Who are we leaving out?


Lately, me. I am a low-energy, neurotic, abnormal Christian. I’m often inspired by people of other faiths. I like my job more than I like my church. I do and say and watch and read and listen to a lot of secular things. I lose my temper at my kids.


I do understand that this organization was not trying to pass judgment — it was simply trying to find suitable recruits for a large event. But it’s just one more Christian area where I used to think I belonged, and now, I just feel disqualified.