Feeding the 5,000 and me

John 6:1-15

“Jesus took the loaves, and after He had given thanks He passed them out to the ones who were resting.” (v11)


translation by Michael Card from “The Parable of Joy,” c1995


Lord, I know the truth of this verse by experience. It is only when I rest (literally, sabbath) that You feed me.


Even these so-called Quiet Times often feel more like me feeding me with food stamped “spiritual,” just like some of the food in my kitchen is stamped “organic.”


But on the Sabbath, You feed me. I don’t know what the food will be. Like the crowds gathered on that hillside, I eat as much as I want. It’s enough. It’s miraculous.


Blessed are You, O Lord our God, who bringeth forth bread from the earth.