Googling the Sabbath

I finally Googled “sabbath.” The results were pretty evenly divided between Jewish sites and Seventh Day Adventist sites, plus a couple of references to the rock band Black Sabbath. Frankly, this is one Google search that did not turn up what I was looking for.

I am neither Jewish nor Seventh Day Adventist. I have been Episcopal, Baptist, emergent, Methodist, and am flirting with the Lutherans down the street. Exactly none of the churches I have attended advocated observing the Sabbath. Maybe that’s why I do it so poorly.

I do feel very alone in my observance. A Christian friend recently told me that Sabbath is such a hot topic at the moment that it’s almost impossible to get published on the subject. She must run in different circles. My small-town world looks a lot more like the results from Google.