Hump Day

For the summer months, I am going back to Wednesday Sabbaths. It’s the only way to survive the insane melding of schedules created by our family of four.

Somewhere along the line, Wednesday got the nickname Hump Day since it falls in the middle of the week. I must confess, I like Sabbathing in the middle of the week. It feels subversive, indulgent, even a little bit wicked to say, “I’m busy Wednesdays” or “Wednesdays are bad for me.” Now I know how the ancient Israelites felt when they were criticized for lazing about for a whole day.

It is harder now than when I first chose Wednesdays. Back then I attended a Bible study on Wednesday mornings and a church small group on Wednesday nights, making Wednesday a viable candidate for a holy day. Now it’s just the middle of the week.

With Wednesday as my day off, the other six days fall into a rhythm, like the Texas Two Step: Thursday and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

So I know I will enjoy these Wednesday Sabbath, when eternal things are the heart of my week.

Hump Day is holy ground.