In Which Megan Does a Very Grand Thing

It isn’t Sabbath yet – but it is a beautiful, blustery autumn day. Today I have no illusion of holiness. I just want to wish everyone a very happy Thursday, like Pooh. I want to watch the trees turn and watch my puppies chase the bright yellow leaves.

I don’t want to do anything in particular. I want to be unproductive. Squander my hours. Waste my minutes. I’ve got plenty of nothing, and nothing’s plenty for me.

As I said, today is not the Sabbath, but with seven years of Sabbaths under my belt, I recognize a good thing when I see it. Without the rest-practice, I wouldn’t be signing off for the rest of today.

Maybe when Sabbath swings by in a couple of days, I’ll have unwound enough that I can really worship. I’ll be rested for my Rest. I’ll look back on this day, and realize that it, too, was holy. Maybe even grand

Where is that silly old Bear when you need him?