Mother’s Day Thank You

This is not a regular “Sabbath Says” post. This is a public thank you to all the people who sent greetings on this first Mother’s Day since my mom’s passing.


How was it? Well, as that Dickens guy said, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.


Overall, it was probably my best Mother’s Day, because people knew it would be hard, and they sent a card or an email or a text. Thanks to Alison, Amy, Anne, BJ, Becca, Beverly, Dayna, Dee, Dena, Kim and Tonya.


My family, also, pulled out all the stops, even when I asked them to ignore the day completely. My husband bought me a new laptop and presented it to me the day before Mother’s Day.


“It’s a business upgrade–not a Mother’s Day gift,” he said.


My daughter wrote a card that said I should, “embrace the wonderful melancholy of the day today.”


And my son made an amazing booklet with text and photos. It literally made me both laugh and cry.


Despite all that goodwill, it was still a hard weekend. I did still cry. But when the Monday morning sun rose, I felt a whole heck of a lot better.


I love you all!