Not Exactly

I have read enough about proper and improper ways of observing the Sabbath to know that it is not supposed to be a day of self-indulgence. It’s about God, not me, so getting a facial is not exactly what the Ten Commandments had in mind.


Guess what I did last Sabbath? I got a facial.


I also drove 150 miles, went shopping, and ate in a restaurant–all with my sister-in-law, Amy.


At least for the month of May, I am going a bit easy on my sabbath observance. Why? Because it just hurts too much. During this time of grief, I really can’t take more than about an hour of God.


So, when my sister-in-law asked if I’d be interested in coming over for a Girl Day, I jumped at the opportunity. In so doing, I may be breaking one commandment (Remember the Sabbath), but I am keeping another (Honor your father and mother).


Toward the very end of my mother’s battle with cancer, she started to lose her mind due to toxicity from liver failure. One morning, she looked at straight at me, her only daughter, and at my sister-in-law, and said, “Are you two sisters?”


“Yep, we sure are!” responded Amy.


I was speechless. My mom died two days later, and never spoke to me again. But I have taken her remark as a challenge. I don’t have a sister. Neither does Amy. So, why not? Why not pick up this ticking bomb and diffuse it with organic makeup and white wine?


Next week I’ll make another 150-mile drive to have lunch with my grandmother (Mom’s mom) and Mom’s sister. I know it’s what Mom would want.


And I trust the good Lord will understand if the next couple of Sabbaths are not exactly what He had in mind.