Out of Your Ever-Loving Mind

Sabbath is humiliating. I used to think it pumped me up so I’d be ready to take on the week. Now I think it strips me down, then sends me stark naked into the cold, cruel world

This Sabbath, I did everything right. I rested and worshipped and played and prayed and read and sang.

But then the next day began badly. I left church angry, weeping so hard I thought I would throw up. Then I was awful to my family. Then, it got worse

So, did keeping the Sabbath make any difference? Did it sensitize me to something that was truly wrong, or did I just enjoy a nice day off and then let my true, ugly colors emerge?

What is this havoc Sabbath wreaks in my life? Each week another layer of dragon-skin pulled away. I’m a yo-yo with a long six-days down, a quick swing, followed by a sharp upward pull

Is this what You want in a servant? A failure at any holiness that goes beyond skin deep? A pretender? A traitor, maybe, if conditioner were right? Surely a deny-er.

Is this the kind of disciple You want spreading Your message? Surely, You jest. Are You out of Your ever-loving mind

Ever-loving, huh?

You’re crazy, God. Absolutely crazy.