Play that Funky Sabbath Music

Is your life drab and overcrowded? Do you need to feel a little funky? Try the Sabbath!


On a recent Sunday morning I listened to an National Public Radio interview with New Orleans singer/songwriter, Dr. John. The interviewer asked Dr. John if he could recognize a New Orleanian piano player just by listening to the way he or she played music.


Here was Dr. John’s answer:


“I’ve always felt that you could tell a New Orleans guy by not so much what he did, but by what he left out–the space he left in the music, and where he left it, to let the music breathe, and to get a little more funky.”


Yessiree, folks, that’s why I sabbath. To leave something out. To put a little space in my crowded days. To give my mind and my relationships and my writing a chance to breathe.


And, overall, to get a little more funky.