Pride Goeth Before a WATERfall?

You know the Bible verse, “Pride goeth before a fall” (Proverbs 16:18). Do you suppose the writer of Proverbs meant a waterfall?


My husband John and I took a hike this week in Rocky Mountain National Park. We went to a lake (Loch Vale) and spied a waterfall above it (Timberline Falls). Fun, right? The hiking guide said, “a fair amount of scrambling is required.”


I did OK until about halfway up, when I positively freaked out. But my dear, sweet husband knew how to deal with me. He knew that when fear raises its ugly head, pride will beat it every time.


“You can stay here,” he said. “I’ll go on up.”


That was all it took. I was not going to let my husband see a view without me. So I got myself up to the top and yes, it was worth it.


Pride may be a sin, but it’s an awfully useful one. Especially when you’re hiking.