Ridiculous Rainbows

This past Sabbath was feeling rather unholy. Church was great, but I decided to work on an article during the afternoon. I’m not going to justfiy my decision; it’s what I chose to do.


Later that day I piled the kids in the car to pick up my husband from a long bike ride, about 45 minutes away. I spent the drive thinking, Why do I even have a blog about the Sabbath if I cut myself slack when a deadline is approaching? Shouldn’t I blog on a topic less damning?


Kids have a nice way of interrupting your thoughts.


“Look! A rainbow! Wow, you can see the purple!”


“And the red! You usually don’t see the red.”


I thought, That’s nice, God. A rainbow. You haven’t destroyed me yet, despite my lack of faithfulness.


The Almighty wasn’t done.


Our drive continued, in and out of rain. Soon we saw another rainbow.


“Wow! It’s even brighter than the first one!”


“I’ve never seen one like that!”


Soon we met up with my husband. Somehow he managed to avoid every rainshower between Fredericksburg and Boerne — no small feat. As we drove home, there were more rainbows. How many more? We honestly lost count. At least three. Near our home we saw two rainbows branching from the same stem.


It was absolutely ridiculous. Ridiculous like the grace of God. I don’t think He cared that I worked on my article instead of doing something super spiritual. Instead He sent a multitude of ridiculously beautiful rainbows — grace upon grace upon grace.