Sabbath Grace

I could use this blog to administer a list of Sabbath do’s and don’t’s. But I have grace for people to figure this out on their own, with God. I even have grace for people to say, “Thanks, but no thanks.”


I’m not advocating Sabbath for everyone. I’m just journaling my journey. Do it. Don’t do it. The only requirement for salvation is to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. Everything else, including this, is optional.


If you are interested in exploring the topic of Sabbath, I recommend downloading a podcast from a church plant in Sheffield, England, dated 18 January 2009. The title is “Sabbath…Gazing on the Beauty of God” by Stephen Donnelly. I don’t know him personally, but I know some of the other folks at this church, a church composed largely of Gothic youth and Muslim immigrants.


This 30-minute sermon contains a lot of grace. After a brief survey of the Bible on the subject of Sabbath, Donnelly offers several options for his listeners. He acknowledges that there will be a variety of responses to his talk. The only thing that matters is that people find a way to gaze on the beauty of God.


The link is Go to “Resources,” then click “Listen Online” if you are interested.


So, look long, whether you focus your gaze during a 24-hour day, or whether you incorporate watching time into your daily life.