Sabbath makes me more thankful. When I have space, I realize how good God is. I notice the many nice things He does for me. On a really holy day, I come closer to appreciating Jesus’ sacrifice on my behalf.


Honestly, I’m good at praying, and fairly good at confessing, but lousy about thanking. God likes to hear that I noticed His thoughtfulness (just like my mother).


Did she like that I had her best friend call at just the right time? How about that awesome weather yesterday? I bet she doesn’t even know that today is the answer to her prayer last month.


My husband runs a non-profit, and we joke that his job title should read Professional Thank You Note Writer. He even thanks people for donations of broken items his center could never use. He loves to bless people by writing a simple thank you.


So, Lord, today I want to bless You by thanking You. If I were to write all my blessings here in this post, no one would want to read on, so I just thank You for accepting my thanks. You don’t have to listen.