The Beta Dog

After almost a year of deliberation, the verdict is out in our house. Polo has won out as the Alpha dog over Clover (note: Polo is black and white; Clover is all black).


Polo and Clover are sisters, even though they look very different. Both had a good shot at ruling our roost, but, due to Clover’s habit of preemptively submitting when she senses danger, Polo won.


The problem? Polo belongs to our younger child. A girl. Clover belongs to our teenaged boy. But, he’s taking it well.


The other night, our son said, “I think Clover is relieved to know she’s not Alpha. Now she can just relax and have fun.”


And I thought, “Wow. What if I were willing to be happy as Beta? To allow God to truly be my Alpha?”