The Eye of the Storm

he High Calling recently did an interview with artist Makoto Fujimura. He said, “I always say that you can choose to be part of the storm, or you can move into the eye of the storm.  That is the greatest place to create from and has the most energy, as it were.”


Sabbath, to me, is like the eye of the storm. A pause in the midst of terror.


An eye can have sunshine and light breezes, while the storm has thunderstorms and severe winds. This past Sabbath was a warm spring day, a respite from my seemingly never-ending storm of grief.


The barometric pressure drops in the eye, just like the pressures of life drops on the Sabbath.


The eye is the center of the storm. So also, Sabbath centers my life. It is the time I turn off the computer, mute the cell phone, ignore the news, and focus on Jesus.


After all, He is the One whom the winds and the waves obey.