The Longest Lent

Now that we are post-Easter, I want to report on what I’m calling The Longest Lent. It lasted not 40 days but 110 and counting.


On January 20, I decided to take two weeks off from visiting my mom during her cancer treatments. I simply needed a break. Those two weeks stretched into six because our entire family got the flu for most of February. One day in bed, I realized that God was pushing Lent into my life a little early. So I submitted and asked Him to do whatever he wanted, even though it seemed a little cruel.


I saw my mom again on March 3. Entering back into Cancer World, I could see that things had changed in me. It felt a little easier to put her in God’s hands.


I had hoped that Lent was over, but God wasn’t finished with me yet. Once I finally got my mom off the throne, I was better able to hear the Holy Spirit: Hey, Megan. There are a few things I’d like to mention. Little things. Bad habits I had allowed to fester. Over the past year I complained that I didn’t have time to worry about holiness. Now, with my chief excuse out of the way, I had no excuse.


So, my Lent contined. I’d like to say it got easier, but it didn’t. I simply got used to crying out to God.


Since this fast didn’t exactly end, I am unsure what the season of Easter will hold. I am seeing my mom regularly again. I am following the good habits God has been sowing into my life. What will I reap? And when?


All I know is, next year I’m skipping Lent!