The Rules

This summer, with my kids 11 and 14, I have been occasionally leaving them alone for 1-2 hours. It’s a small town, and I’m convinced my neighbors are spies because they do occasionally rat on my kids, for which I’m extremely grateful.


One day when I’d gone to my writers group, I came home to find a list called “The Rules,” written by my kids:


No physical action

            No cussing

            Ask before invading bubbles

            No baby voice

            No watching TV without Mom’s permission

            Love each other (what crap is that?)


As you might guess, my favorite is the last one, complete with the sarcastic parenthetical comment.


It all comes down to love, even when loving seems like a load of crap, and we all know that sometimes it does.


You may have noticed that I don’t include rules on this blog, as in rules for keeping the Sabbath. That’s because it all comes down to love, too. It’s a way to love God; it’s not the way.


But it is my way.