The Sabbath Snatchers

I’ve officially lost it. At 5 PM, when my Sabbath finished, I had no desire to end it. None. So I went to a friend’s house and joined in on a game of dominoes. Seriously – dominoes. They had to teach me how to play.

Now I’m sitting on my front porch swing, and the rest of my family is otherwise occupied.

I could clean the bathroom…ugh!

I could put receipts in Quicken…yuck!

I could work on one of my three writing projects gathering dust…no thank you!

Please, God. I’m not ready. Tomorrow morning, I promise, I’ll pick up the pace.

Who am I? My body has been invaded by the Sabbath-snatchers. More play? Less work? Crazy!

This is not the perfectionistic, driven me of y’ore. Do I detect a hint of laziness? A whiff of sloth? I don’t know. I don’t care.

I’ve gone way ’round the bend. And it’s beautiful.