The Sixth Day

Usually, by the day before the Sabbath, the 6th day, I am an emotional wreck. I just can’t take it anymore. I am sick of everything and everyone.


That’s when I start to prioritize: what absolutely, positively must be done before I rest? Last week, I came up with a short list of errands, plus paying bills. But when would I do that? I’m on deadline with the magazine! Then, God intervened. Someone was late with their work — God bless them! They allowed me time to finish my housekeeping stuff, and then begin my 24 hours of rest and worship.


Maybe I was so tired because the week before included three funerals: a 15-year old girl who died in a car accident, the mother of my husband’s best friend, and my grandfather.


I would like for this day to be more worshipful, but right now, it’s just an offering. I have my worship, my prayer time, and then I sleep as much as possible.