Who Me? Tired?

I am amazed that I still get tired on non-Sabbath days. How can I possibly wear out when I take off one whole day a week? Shouldn’t Resting satisfy all my needs

I hate that it doesn’t. Yet, because of Sabbath, I better accept my weekly weaknesses.

Sabbath means that when I have a cold on Monday, I take it easy. Sabbath means that if I have fever on Wednesday, I go to bed. Sabbath means that I value a lazy Saturday in which I accomplish nothing, even though it’s technically still a “work” day. Sabbath means I don’t try to hurry up my Sabbath observance just because I got a little extra rest during the week

Sabbath keeps me from pushing myself to outer limits the other six days of the week. If I’m feeling tired by 7PM tonight, I’ll read a book instead of throwing in another load of laundry.

Sabbath tells me that my work is incomplete, that my best efforts remain unfinished. The filmmaker George Lucas says that projects are not finished, they are simply abandoned. Each Sabbath I get a chanced to abandon all my projects. And trust.