Writing on the Sabbath

I just learned that if I were observing a strict Jewish Sabbath, I would not be allowed to write. It is considered “creating,” and Jews do not create on the Sabbath in order to honor God’s rest after Creation. Alas – this is the only journaling I do.

On the other hand, Jesus said in Mark 3:4, “Is it lawful to do good or do harm on the Sabbath, to save life or to kill?”

For months, the only writing I did was Sabbath Says. It saved my life. It did me good when I was despondent. This last week, I didn’t write much, for various reasons that seem trivial now. I was so grateful this morning when, during a quiet bike ride into the sunrise, the Holy Spirit whispered, “Write this.”

So I create in His honor. To the Lord my God. For sustaining me thusfar. For bringing me in safety to this new day. For the drought – that is God’s – and for the rain – which is His also. For hills. For a ride with a view. For a house that is becoming His dwelling place. For quiet whispers that spur creations I did not know were possible.