An Attempt at a Sonnet

An attempt at a sonnet

Another Tweetspeak poetry challenge–the mighty sonnet. I would not have even tried if not for Sara Barkat, whose poem “The Narrator” was featured today on Every Day Poems.




What, may I ask, is the matter with you?

It’s been a year and half a year more

and still you haunt us. You sneak into

people’s funerals, step across the floor.

We all hear you, you know. You’re not that sly,

cutting your way through this grieving crowd.

We know you want to be here, to say Hi

in a voice beyond the grave, oh so loud.


So, welcome. So, come and sit down with me.

Have a lemon bar and a Toll House

marble square. I’m sure someone will make tea.


Tell me about your afterlife, how you’ve found

Heaven. Is it all you hoped it would be?

When can I come? Would you show me around?