An Easter Tribute to my Biggest fan

Some bloggers count their comments. Others count their followers or their friends. But I have one fan that none of you can claim: my 97-year-old grandmother, whom I call Nannie.


Nannie got an iPad for Christmas, and she has slowly and steadily been learning how to use it, with help from family and friends. She’s even got WiFi now, so she can send and receive emails or surf the web without having to leave her condo.


“Oh, honey, I just love your blog,” she told me the other day.


I thought, “My grandmother correctly used the word ‘blog’ in a sentence.”


She’s also on Facebook. My daughter already friended her. Heck, I’m not on Facebook. I tried it for one week couldn’t stand it.


Nannie, I’m posting this because I still feel bad that I didn’t get to come and see you last week, and I wish all my readers could meet my biggest fan.


Go Spurs, Go! I know you’re watching.


Happy Easter!

love, Megan