Ask Why? This Thanksgiving

think that the word “why,” when paired with a question mark, is a four-letter word. “W-h-y-?”


Like most of you, I’ve had my fair share of sadness. “Why?” God only knows.


But this Thanksgiving, I’m asking “why?” about my blessings:


* Why do I have such a sweet husband?


* Why did my teenage son give me a hug this morning?


* Why did my daughter already plan my Christmas present?


* Why did I get 26 extra years with my mom?


* Why is the sky so blue today?


* Why did someone bring two puppies (sisters) to the shelter, and in so doing, make our family better?


* Why do my bosses continue to believe in me?


* Why is Wendell Berry such a darn good writer?


* Why are we graced with a full moon every single month?


* Why is there so much great tea in the world?


This Thanksgiving, I celebrate these kinds of “why?” questions. The others are impossible.