For Cassandra

Cassandra Frear, in her blog Moonboat Cafe, wrote a post on 06/29/11 called “A Journey Full of Secrets.” I found myself leaving a post of my own in her comment box, so I (wisely) moved it over here, so as not to overwhelm her.


Cassandra mentioned storms. She asked, “Do you enjoy storms?” Here’s my answer:


And storms? Baby, I go out to the front porch and soak it up good.


I love storms! Give me lightning. Give me thunder. Trauma I can do over and over again. I know it. I’ve always known it.


But please, God, don’t leave me desolate in this barren land with no rain and only unrelenting sun and heat that kills everything everywhere. The fields are plowed under. The cattle are slaughtered. Fires are crawling closer. Will we have enough water to put them out?


God, give me your attention. That’s all I want. You’re always closer in the storms, anyway. It’s been too quiet for too long. Where did You go? How do I know You without disaster?


Drought is a disaster in its own right, but it’s not sexy. There aren’t good photos for the evening news.


Give me tragedy. I mean it. Give it to me because I’m good at it. I have no trouble finding You in the storms of life.


But no storms anywhere on my horizon.