Hours of Redemption!!!

The subject in my inbox said, “HOURS OF REDEMPTION!!” Never mind that the email was sent from “web mail.” Hours of Redemption, with two exclamation marks? How could I resist?


But I did resist, as soon as I saw that it was another West African scam, despite its protestations to the contrary: “This is also for the best of your interest, as they are all scam artists/imposters AND WILL OFFER YOU NOTHING!.”


I love that that they put a period after the exclamation point. As an editor, I can tell you that punctuation is everything!.


All I need to receive my hours of redemption from these people is $750. That will open my account so that I can receive the $7,500.000.00, which they say is 7 million 5 hundred thousand, but sure looks like 7 thousand 5 hundred with an extra decimal point. Either way, it’s more than is in my checking account.


But you can get your own HOURS OF REDEMPTION!! today, for no money down. (There’s also no money coming to you.) But if you take a few hours off–to rest, to worship–I promise, you will find it returned to you in unexpected ways. As this email guaranteed, “No question of any uncertainty over receiving your payment.”