L.L. Barkat’s “Rumors of Water”

I may have to do two posts about L.L.’s book, subtitled “Thoughts on Creativity and Writing.” That’s how good it is.


Instead of focusing on the writing aspect, I want to talk about the relationship aspect–the relationship of L.L. and her daughters. It’s something to behold.


If you are a daughter and you have a mother, you know this relationship is hard. If you are a mother and you have a daughter, you know the same thing. I’ve tried to write fiction three times, and each attempt has been about mothers and daughters. Turns out what I was looking for was in a non-fiction book on writing.


I still don’t know exactly what it is that grabs me. Is it the way they talk with each other? The way they have tiny adventures together? Is it the unschooling? Is it the girl who loves Sherlock Holmes? Is it that moment in the lighthouse? Or the one with the berry-colored bottle?


Part of what L.L. is saying in this book is that writers need to have a life if they want to write well. I think they also need good relationships. And the quality of relationship between this mother and these two daughters begets quality writing.


It makes me thirsty.