megan willome epic fail laity lodge

“Did your friends like you?” my daughter asked when I got back from my writers’ retreat at Laity Lodge.


I sheepishly smiled. “Yes,” I admitted. “I think so.”


My kids knew how nervous I was to meet all these bloggers I’d been corresponding with for two years. I learned two things: 1) online friendships are real, and 2) online friendships don’t tell you everything.


I didn’t know who was a night owl and who was an early bird. Who wore makeup and who wore panty hose. Who giggles. Who excudes grace. Who is tall.


I also made new friends–people whose names I had heard but had never read anything they’d written. I still prefer this way, the old-fashioned way. I will not forget the person who comforted me one morning over coffee. I might have missed her blog.


After I returned and was playing on my laptop, my son took my computer away from me and brought up Google. He typed in “megan willome epic fail laity lodge.”


“I wanted to see if you failed as badly as you thought,” he said.


The search brought up 72 hits.