On the Way to the Pool

On the way to the pool, with my daughter and one of her friends in the backseat, I overheard an interesting conversation.


Friend: “What’s the difference between Jews, Christians, and Catholics?”


Daughter: “Um … ”


Friend: “I mean, I know Jews have the cool star.”


Daughter: [laughs] “Well, Christians believe that God sent Jesus to die for our sins, and he was the savior. The Jews are still waiting for the savior.”


Friend: “What about Catholics?”


Daughter: “Well, it’s mostly the same as Christians, but Catholics have Mary, and she’s a saint.”


Friend: “Oh, you mean like Satan? Isn’t he, like, really bad and stuff?”


Daughter: “No! Not Satan–saint. Like a good person. A holy person.”


Friend: “Oh! OK.”


By then, we were at the pool, and they got out. The whole conversation lasted about two minutes.


I could be judgmental about the friend’s lack of exposure to religion, but there’s a part of the story I haven’t told you yet. Earlier on the way to the pool, I heard this from the backseat:


Daughter: “Hey, who was that kid with your brother?”


Friend: “Oh, that’s [name]. He’s living with us for a while.”


Daughter: “Why?”


Friend: “Well, he’s going through a really hard time. His parents are going through a divorce, and his mom got kicked out of her rental, so he’s with us. Just for the summer, I guess.”


Yeah. I have absolutely nothing to judge.