One Thousand Gifts: #382-391

As I posted on 08/24/11, I’m sharing part of my list of “One Thousand Gifts,” as inspired by Ann Voskamp, the part that occurred during my short trip to Estes Park, Colorado.


382) Daughter found the correct rental car bus for me.

383) Remembered sneakers in backseat!

384) I did got lost on the Denver Tollway, but only by five miles, and I fixed it.

385) Daughter found a better Walmart in Longmont.

386) Jack redirects me when I start heading for Boulder.

387) Daughter forgives me when I snap at her and make her cry. I literally can’t do this without her.

388) Cool air! Roll down those windows, baby!

389) Jack helps check me in.

390) Cabin: Opa! (Am I a Fredericksburgian or what?) Views of Never Summer and Teddy’s Teeth.

391) 90 Shilling Ale–a Wyoming family favorite.