One Thousand Gifts: #402-411

As I posted on 08/24/11, I’m sharing part of my list of “One Thousand Gifts,” as inspired by Ann Voskamp, the part that occurred during my short trip to Estes Park, Colorado.


402) Mountain music: the Cheyenne East High drumline.

403) Free food from Jack & Dee.

404) Holy Spirt led morning walk.

405) Holy Spirit led afternoon drive.

406) A black-and-white crow?! No, a black-billed magpie. They’re everywhere! Blue tail, even. I’m in love with a new corvid.

407) Readings for August 15, Year A.

408) Sunset cloud show. Leftover glory.

409) Back to sleep with Divine Office.

410) Dream of Jennifer and Kimberly. Hmmm. Does this mean I need to apologize?

411) Unexpected gifts in a thriller.