One Thousand Gifts: #412-421

As I posted on 08/24/11, I’m sharing part of my list of “One Thousand Gifts,” as inspired by Ann Voskamp, the part that occurred during my short trip to Estes Park, Colorado.


412) Almost-new Ted Kooser “Poetry Home Repair Manual” in library.

413) Talk with friend on perils of blogging.

414) Hey, I DID go the right way on the 4-mile loop around Lake Estes.

415) Thanks that You wait for us (Judges 6:18).

416) The Big Dipper, even here.

417) The sound a beaver makes when it chews wood.

418) Swimming in the Psalms.

419) This pale, golden turquoise sky.

420) Holy Hill streams golden in the sunrise.

421) Attack hummingbirds, mugging me for a sugar-water fix. Sorry.