One Thousand Gifts: #422-431

As I posted on 08/24/11, I’m sharing part of my list of “One Thousand Gifts,” as inspired by Ann Voskamp, the part that occurred during my short trip to Estes Park, Colorado.


422) A small duck leaves a long trail in a still lake.

423) Taddy’s emails regarding Edith.

424) Sometimes, a single aspen is enough.

425) A writer movie, that writer being Aibileen.

426) No family today.

427) Unexpected poems.

428) Basically living the same life–schedule, food, activities. Either I’m boring or I’m content.

429) Sunset, part 2, kicks in after Sunset, part 1 fizzled.

430) A coyote, nonchalantly walking up the road.

431) My sunrise service at Mountainside Chapel.