One Thousand Gifts: # 432-446

As I posted on 08/24/11, I’m sharing part of my list of “One Thousand Gifts,” as inspired by Ann Voskamp, the part that occurred during my short trip to Estes Park, Colorado.


432) Lovely view of Longs in the early morning.

433) Buddhist monks with their brown robes and pointed straw hats.

434) No need to visit the Estes Park Safeway, one of the distant rings of hell.

435) Rabbit eating a grass blade. Totally unconcerned. Not about to share.

436) One fly perched atop another. Am I at Estes Park or Tinker Creek?

437) Art Lover’s pizza: extra thin, red pesto, artichoke hearts, black olives, mushrooms, tomatoes.

438) Mule deer (a doe), eating wildflowers. Still there 30 minutes later.

439) Hidden trail behind Dorsey Lake.

440) I found the aspens! They’re at the Y Columbarium.

441) For school, from Ruth: barley harvest and wheat harvest.

442) Writers Almanac, last day: Kooser poem, “In the basement of the Goodwill store.”

443) Plane landed 15 minutes early. Out of Denver!

444) Safe trip home, without bonking before ability to reach Taco Cabana in Boerne.

445) Sweet husband had dinner ready.

446) Last article was late enough that it didn’t conflict with my travel.