Poetry November, part 3

Hey, everyone. This is a busy month, so I won’t be writing any blog posts. Instead I’m going to put up a poem each week. I’m also going to be moving my blog soon–hopefully, right after Thanksgiving. Take care!



the road to Blue Hole, 6 a.m., 30 September 2011


It is dark.

You knew it would be, but for God’s sake,

you thought there would be a sliver of light.


But you do know this road.

You’ve done it a million times, just not recently.

You have forgotten things.

You thought the Garden of Eden was to your left

and now you find it’s on your right.

Maybe you’ve never gone right before.


You run confidently down this dark road.

You fall, but get right back up.

Run on.


The water is right where it was supposed to be.

You cup it and splash it on your hot neck,

then turn around and run


farther than ever before.

Soon the road itself is new. They’re building


You step in sand. The trail disintegrates.

There is a light in a house at the end of the road.