Shingles, Again

I’m not really sure how this happened. This is my second time to have shingles, and I also had chicken pox twice. P.S. I am 40 years old.


When I told my doctor this, she said, “You are very compatible with this virus.”


Hello, virus.


I am very compatible.

I hope you like it here, but not too much.

Please stay on your side of the room, and I’ll stay on mine.

I am not really interested in becoming your friend.


What does this have to do with Ash Wednesday? I have no idea.


However, I am remembering the words of the fictional character, Sister Lacey Kudoto from Justin Cronin’s literary vampire novel “The Passage.” Sister Lacey had quite a bit of experience with a virus, or shall we say, virals. Early in the book, it is said of her, “but as she lifted her mind to God, all that came to her was the feeling of a question with no certain answer. This, she knew, was another way God could speak to a person.”


I’ve got questions, all right. And six Lenten weeks to live them.