Sitting, part 1

Those of you who have read L.L. Barkat’s “God in the Yard,” know she sat outside for an hour a day for an entire year. Well, I only made it through Lent, and not anywhere close to an hour a day. But I’m glad I did.


So for the next few weeks–probably until Ascension Day (which nicely correlates with the end of school)–I’ll posting the journals I wrote during this time. They are not the most spiritual things I’ve ever written. They are simply what happened when I was sitting.


Starts tomorrow!


You will meet my dogs, Polo and Clover, both terrier mixes. Sisters. Abandoned on someone’s ranch. I can’t help it if my office is the back porch, and I have two constant companions.


Also, the bell meditation I mention can be found at the On Being blog from American Public Media at