Sitting, part 11

in which Megan sits and sees a view during Lent 2011


I don’t know how to do this today. My backyard table has been co-opted. The front porch swing is in the grass so we can paint the porch. The kids are blaring “The Office.” I am hiding in my room, but there’s no silence.


Still, I can be still.


Even my bell meditation link is broken. I sit and breathe.


What am I supposed to do about this summer? Spring Break is proving–once again–how hard it is to work when the kids are home.


I am spinning. Probably hungry. Yep, it’s been three hours, and I painted outside. I am weak. But I don’t hurt. I stopped before I did.


I’m limited (sorry, Elphaba).


There’s a suspicious rash on my face. Oh no.


I long for sunset to cool off the day.