Sitting, part 13

in which Megan sits and sees a view during Lent 2011


Evening breeze on my face.


The sunset is past. The clouds are blue-grey.


I see a green light down the road–a mirror ball? No, there’s red, too.


The birds are saying goodnight.


Goodnight, walker, wearing yellow polyester pants.


Goodnight, empty house.


Goodnight, Joe and Barbara, who went to bed hours ago.


Goodnight, oak leaves.


Goodnight, ghost.


Goodnight, Darren, driving past in your Chevy Avalanche.


Goodnight, Hyundai. Thanks for getting me There and Back Again.


Goodnight, light.


Goodnight, white sandals, which should be in someone’s closet.


Goodnight, paint drips, probably with us for eternity.


Goodnight, swing, cradling me from side to side, like a crib.


Goodnight, start of spring.