Sitting, part 2

in which Megan sits and sees a view during Lent 2011


Here, in the back of Bessie, our ’93 Ford Ranger, conveniently parked in the backyard, beside the storage building, which John has stripped to its foundation and is rebuilding.


Like me.


My foundation is good. My posts are pretty good, although a few have rotted.


John reinforced the storage building’s posts with new wood. There’s already a sparkling, new metal roof. Its sides are still empty.


Like me.


This Lent of meditation will side me.


Since I’m partially hearing-impaired, I can’t hear well. But I listen great. Today, with my eyes closed, I hear sounds:



a plane (rare in this rural city)



my puppies, clawing at the truck, desperate to enter my sanctuary


It is cool. I am wrapped in Dee’s green-and-gold afghan. I wear sunglasses, for the sun is still rising, and I am facing its Eastern glory.


The puppies have their morning fight to establish dominance. The cowdog and the baby Lab behind us want to join in the fun.


The trees are beginning to bud.


The sun is warm now, though the breeze is still cool.


Still saws.


Still doves.


Another bird I don’t know. A happy one.