Sitting, part 22

in which Megan sits and sees a view during Lent 2011


Five Cuties. I’ve eaten five Cutie oranges while sitting on my back porch.


Each of my puppies is laying in a sunny indentation in the ground. Clover has one leaf stuck to her ear, another to her butt. She yawns.


No clouds. No wind, except that made by my lovely new ceiling fan. On the eighth day, God made ceiling fans (at least in Texas).


I sip cool papaya-passionfruit green tea.


A black butterfly sucks from the white blossoms on the photinia bush. Wait–there are two of them.


An orange butterfly, down in the dirt. What’s down there, honey?


I will not wax eloquent on our recent bug invasion. They’re enjoying spring, too, I guess. Birds, get to work! Stop talking and go forth and eat bugs!


John’s gonna buy grass this week. I’m going to literally sit and watch it grow.