Sitting, part 24

in which Megan sits and sees a view during Lent 2011


6:40 a.m. Still dark. I’ve been up about an hour and a half. Walked the puppies. Had my morning coffee with chocolate soy milk and a granola bar.


No moon–too cloudy.


Cicadas. Early birds.


The sky is blueing.


Turn off the porch light. Bring the lit candle closer.


The dogs next door are playing with that empty bucket.


A smidgen of moonlight appears in the clouds. Still no moon.


It looks like steam is rising from my candle. It’s the burning scent of ruby red grapefruit.


Praying for the light of Christ to enter my children’s lives and brighten their darkness. They look like this morning does—light stored, waiting. “Gathering,” Rich said. There is this potential for dawn.


The trees are becoming shadows against the sky, already lit from behind.


First car of the day roars by.


Lean close to the candle. Inhale morning.