Sitting, part 27

in which Megan sits and sees a view during Lent 2011


I’m drinking aloe vera-cactus tea from Mexico out of the blue pottery mug from Creede, Colorado. My unorthodox tea reflects both ends of the Rio Grande, that Wild and Scenic River.


Wish I were there. Creede, that is. Dad and I dipped our feet in the Mexican side of the river at Big Bend, in February. I haven’t dipped my feet in the Creede end of the river since 2008.


Here I am, watching that new grass grow. The old yard was decimated. The edges grew wild grass, but the middle was completely barren.


The puppies are scared of the new grass, since they haven’t seen much of it during their 20-month sojourn with us. How can they be almost 2 and still find grass unnatural? Although they have discovered that squares of St. Augustine make nice dog beds.


They sleep in the sun and photosynthesize.